September 11-14
Radisson Hotel and Conference Center
Green Bay, Wisconsin

The American Indian Tourism Conference (AITC) is the only national conference on tourism in Indian Country. Designed to share knowledge, experience and best practices from tourism programs around the U.S., AITC features exciting and unique mobile workshops that highlight the culture of the region and host tribes; an impressive line-up of expert speakers who provide resources and training to build capacity; networking opportunities to share, teach and learn from each other; and a presentation of AIANTA’s "Cultural Heritage Destination of the Year" Awards.

AIANTA is excited to present the 19th Annual American Indian Tourism Conference (AITC), hosted by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on September 11 – 14, 2017.

So why should you attend AITC 2017 – the only conference on tourism in Indian Country?

Hear Directly From Industry Leaders and Tribal Influencers

AITC brings together dozens of nationally and internationally renowned expert speakers, who provide the most current, cutting-edge information from the tourism industry and around Indian Country. Come to AITC and hear from:

  • Fawn R. Sharp, President, Quinault Indian Nation
  • Brian Cladoosby, President, National Congress of American Indians
  • Ernie Stevens Jr., Chairman, National Indian Gaming Association
  • Norie Quintos, Editor at Large, National Geographic Travel Media
  • Pam Inman, President, National Tour Association
  • Ron Erdmann, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Office of Travel and Tourism
  • Donald Leadbetter, Tourism Program Manager at the National Park Service
  • Keith Henry, President and CEO, Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada
  • Chrystal Denys and Donatello Osti, U.S. Commercial Service from London, England and Milan, Italy respectively
  • And many more expert speakers! See the full program here.

Be a Part of National Discussions

In September of 2016, the Native American Tourism and Improving Visitor Experience (NATIVE) Act was signed into law, requiring  numerous federal departments and agencies to include Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and Native Hawaiian organizations in their management plans and tourism initiatives. This presents new opportunities for Indian Country in the multi-billion dollar tourism industry. Great progress has been made in federal agency and tribal tourism collaboration, and AIANTA is working hard in all sectors of the industry to ensure that funding is provided to move forward with the implementation of the act in the years to come.

Opportunities for growth in Native tourism are ripe, so it is an ideal time to focus on economic and community development and cultural perpetuation. Through tourism, implementation of the NATIVE Act will help to move Indian Country forward on both of these fronts.

Tribes, tribal members and tourism entrepreneurs are all encouraged to join these important conversations about tourism in Indian Country, implementation of the NATIVE Act, and economic and community development throughout Native America by participating in this year’s American Indian Tourism Conference in Green Bay. This year, AIANTA is hosting focused breakout regional strategy forums to create, grow and enhance regional cultural tourism initiatives. All attendees are encouraged and welcome to join.

Ready to join the conversation? Register here!

Attend Educational Sessions and Programs

At AITC, you’ll hear from national and international influencers and leaders throughout Indian Country and the tourism industry. AITC’s impressive lineup of expert speakers will share their knowledge and experience with attendees from all levels and sectors of the industry.

Gain insight and knowledge on how the tourism industry works from itinerary creation and packaging to working with tour operators and positioning your tribe for the international tourism market. AITC attendees will learn about tourism assessment and development, new technologies and strategies for marketing, protecting intellectual and cultural property, working with state and federal agencies, and so much more. See the full program right here.

Build Your Network

Spending time with like-minded individuals from all levels and sectors of the industry gives all of us the opportunity to build relationships and to help us grow and develop as professionals. The tourism industry is built on relationships, and some of the most valuable conversations happen before and after workshops, over coffee or lunch, and during networking receptions.

AITC offers networking opportunities from the morning to the evening, with evening receptions that focus not only on conversation and food, but also the local cultures of the host tribes. Check out the full agenda, right here!

At AITC, you’ll be able to extend your knowledge far beyond the workplace. Meet others from around the nation and the globe and share your own experiences and understanding with like-minded professionals. Come and connect with colleagues, decision makers, business leaders and industry professionals at can’t-miss networking events. With hundreds of influencers in one place, AITC is the place to make connections.

Regardless of how the conversations start, the opportunities to meet people, build new relationships, and spend time with influencers, friends and colleagues from across the country or around the world are invaluable and a staple of AIANTA’s Annual American Indian Tourism Conference.

It’s All About Location! 

Located just across from the airport and connected to the Oneida Casino, the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in beautiful Green Bay, Wisconsin will be our home base for the 2017 AITC.

Each year, AITC is hosted at different tribal venues across the country. Attending AITC in such a vibrant and exciting location as Green Bay affords us the chance to experience the unique cultures of the tribes in and around the area, as well as the beauty of the city itself. In between all the great sessions and programs there are always opportunities to go out and explore the local area, restaurants, nightlife and cultural events!

Want to really get a feel of the local area? Sign up for one of our mobile workshops while seats are still available! This year, we’re offering two exciting tours – the “Best of the Bay City Tour,” which includes a bus tour of Green Bay, a Lambeau Field Stadium Tour, and an Oneida Reservation Tour; or the “Stockbridge Munsee – Menominee – Oneida Tour,” which includes guided tours of Stockbridge, the Oneida Reservation and the Menominee Nation.

Find out all the details and register for the tours here.

Most Importantly, Be a Part of the Movement!

Come to AITC and raise the bar for tourism in Indian Country. Together, we can bring legislative news, industry trends, cutting-edge best practices, and cultural authenticity to the forefront of discussions to create the most successful tourism programs in the industry.

Be a part of the movement to define, introduce, grow and sustain American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian tourism that honors traditions and values.

Meet Our Invited Speakers

Sherry Rupert
Fawn Sharp
Pam Inman
Ernie Stevens Jr
Camille Ferguson
Rick Macleod Farley
Leadbetter, Donald
LeRoy Gishi
Mary Downs
Hannah Peterson
Dan Moore
Ron Erdman
Rick Cain
Sandra Anderson
Anna Barrera
Christopher Thompson
Chrystal Denys
Carolyn McClellan
Amber Paluch
Rachel Moreno
Angela West
Dr. Kristin Lamoureux-400