Dan Moore

Dan Moore

Dan is the CEO of Pandion Consulting & Facilitation, a travel industry consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. Pandion’s mission is to raise the standards, quality, and sustainability of the travel industry. This is accomplished through facilitating community development workshops, designing and delivering industry training, and direct consulting with businesses and destinations.

Pandion is respected worldwide for designing cutting edge tourism education products. The team’s vast operations knowledge, including guide training, permitting, sustainability, and staff management is what differentiates Pandion from other consultancies. Dan has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur, professional adventure guide, and educator. He sits on several non-profit boards, and is a member of the faculty for Adventure EDU, the education and consulting arm of the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

He also teaches Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, and Guide Training at Peninsula College in Washington State. He is a founding chair of the Governance Board of the International Adventure Travel Guide Qualifications and Performance Standard.

Twitter: @DintyDan

Facebook: @pandionconsulting

Web: www.pandion.biz