Florian Herrmann

Florian HerrmannFlorian Herrmann, HMS-Global, Visit USA Parks


– How to develop and effectively tell your story within your company/organization

– How to use social media effectively

– How to share your story digitally

“The Seven Steps of Story Telling” and how to reach your audience

– Photography – the importance of images and the basics of creating them


Working Description: What is the best way to tell your unique story to the world? How effective is traditional and digital advertising today? While it has never been easier to reach global travelers via the internet it has never been harder to gain their trust. Learn about the latest global, mobile and social trends and how you can apply simple steps to reach and influence global travelers seeking the “American Experience”

Florian is the founder of his company, HMS Global, a marketing firm where he helps destinations market their products digitally, to the world. Florian has spoken at Go West Summit, and is gaining experience in Indian Country working with Wind River in Wyoming

“My vision in life is to “move” people in emotion and geography and to make lives better by excellent and thoughtful hospitality services. As we live in an all accessible world with instant media amplification, we are challenged to build new strategies, policies and marketing tactics that we can apply on a “global” level. Tourism needs to be beneficial for the traveler, the destination and its local stakeholders while minimizing negative environmental impacts. Known as “The people industry”, it has become the largest, most transparent and resilient industry in the world which allows countries to prosper and promote peace in the world. My goal is to elevate authentic brands in the travel and hospitality industry, building sustainable tourism for regions, states and countries involving local stakeholders, such as hotels, tour operators, airlines etc. Our challenge will always be to create the right balance of sustainability for destinations and connect them with their core audience. In a world of constant emerging technology we utilize, websites, social networks, videos, blogs, apps and now even virtual reality to tell a unique story.”

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