Myrna Gardner

Myrna GardnerMyrna Gardner, Manager of Business & Economic Development, Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

She is a George Washington University Certified Contract Manager and holds an Industry Certification in Contract Management Federal Level I from the National Contract Management Association. Gardner brings over 15 years of
management experience in business development, logistics, customer service, and operations.   “Tlingit and Haida people have been trading for centuries, business is in our DNA. I look forward to addressing poverty and creating opportunities at every level through business and economic development.”

As BEDD Manager, Gardner will work with local, state, and federal governments to foster and improve the Southeast Alaska economy. She is responsible for creating partnerships with Native organizations and businesses, as well as leading and supporting the Tribe’s enterprise development. She will also focus on providing business development and marketing support services.

Gardner is Tlingit and Haida. Her Tlingit name is Xíeishxí, she is Yéil naax xat sitee, Duk’tool, Wéix’ naax xat sitee, Taakwaaneidi Hi’t (Raven/Skulpin house) from the village of Sxwaan of the Heinyaa Kwaan (Klawock) people and is Chankweidi Yadi (a child of the Haida people on her father’s side). She has three children and is an avid fisher.