Norie Quintos

Norie Quintos Editor at large, National Geographic Travel MediaNorie Quintos, Editor at Large and Independent Consultant, National Geographic Travel Media

Norie Quintos is a consultant for the travel industry on communications strategy, media relations, custom content, and messaging. She helps emerging destinations and like-minded travel companies find and tell their stories, through communications audits, seminars and training, coaching, and print and pixel projects.

She is also an Editor at Large for the Washington, D.C.-based National Geographic Travel Media, contributing content and representing the award-winning brand. She is an AdventureEDU educator, leading seminars, offering training, and developing online courses for adventure travel operators.

She is the former executive editor of National Geographic Traveler and was an editor at U.S. News and World Report and Caribbean Travel and Life.

She has lived abroad, speaks several languages (not necessarily well), and is involved in a couple of travel startups and nonprofits. She bikes, hikes, and tweets @noriecicerone. Quintos is a graduate of the University of Virginia.


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