Pati Martinson

Pati Martinson

Member Leadership Council at Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance (NAFSA)

Pati Martinson has worked with her sister Terrie Bad Hand for over 30 years, since working together at the Denver Indian Center Development Corp. They are responsible for the creation, development and implementation of numerous innovative projects and programs that are cutting edge and models of best practices locally, nationally and internationally. Their commitment to the communities they serve is well documented. Their dedication is exemplary and serves to inspire countless others toward working on behalf of the people and for the betterment of civil society.

Pati and Terrie were selected to coordinate and lead the development of Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance (NAFSA) in 2012. NAFSA is a national organization to affect policy impacting in Native communities. They established NAFSA as a 501(3) organization and NGO representing grass roots Native American groups and organizations working on Food system regeneration and the resurgence of traditional foods and diets.

Highlights of Pati and Terrie’s career include the Oxfam America Peer Mentoring Program, the Taos Food Center, the Taos Community Garden and Greenhouses, and the Taos Business Park.

Taos County Economic Development Corp
P.O. Box 1389
Taos, NM  87571