Richard (“Dick”) Basch

Richard_BaschRichard (“Dick”) Basch (Clatsop-Nehalem Vice Chairman) is currently the American Indian advisor to the Honoring Tribal Legacies project.

Dick is the American Indian Liaison to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, of the National Park Service. He has been involved with the Honoring Tribal Legacies project since its inception in 2010.

He is one of many key figures making certain that tribal stories and experiences are always part of the Lewis & Clark story. These key people were instrumental in assuring tribal community involvement at the Tent of Many Voices during the Bicentennial observation of the Lewis and Clark expedition, 2003–2006.

Late in 2015, Dick was honored along with Jill Hamilton-Anderson for their dual role in helping guide the Honoring Tribal Legacies: An Epic Journey of Healing project. They received the Stewart L. Udall Award of the Western National Parks Association.  The photo of Dick comes from that ceremony.

Dick brings deep historical roots to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. His Clatsop-Nehalem ancestors hosted the Lewis and Clark expedition during their 1805-1806 wintering at Fort Clatsop. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Service & Public Affairs from the University of Oregon and a K – 12 teaching certificate.  Dick worked for over 15 years in tribal schools (Frank’s Landing, Lummi & Puyallup) and for six years as Director of Indian Education for Seattle Public Schools.  He has worked with all tribes along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, and emphasizes the importance of the Expedition not only through the eyes of the Corps members, but also through the eyes of those who were there greeting them to their Homelands.