Scott R. Vele

Scott R. Vele, Executive Director, Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes

The Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes, (MAST), founded in 1996, represents the 35 sovereign tribal nations of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan. Altogether, MAST represents nearly 134,000 American Indian people.

MAST’s mission is to “advance, protect, preserve, and enhance the mutual interests, treaty rights, sovereignty, and cultural way of life of the sovereign nations of the Midwest throughout the 21st century.” The organization coordinates important public policy issues and initiatives at the state, regional and federal levels, promotes unity and cooperation among member tribes and advocates for member tribes.

MAST is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the Tribal Chairperson, Chief President, or Chief Executive of each member tribe. Four officers are elected from among the Board of Directors; a President; Vice-President; Secretary and Treasurer.

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